“matt needs” – Google Search

This is from fleawort:

Go to Google. Type in “[your name] needs”, in quotes, replacing [your name] with your first name. Find the 5 funniest things that come up in the search and post them to your blog.

Here are mine:

Matt Needs Spaz

“Matt needs to have his bottom bared and a paddling needs to be administered… “Matt needs someone to bend him over and give him 20 paddles in his shorts …

Please donate to the “Matt needs new pants” fund.

Matt needs to start selling large blue foam “We’re Number One!” hands.

And my favorite: Matt needs help washing potatoes.


PS> Here’s another one, and it hits a little close to home:

Still this “Matt” needs to make some form of sense to the rest of us… So this “Matt” needs to start interacting like a normal person and soon. …