Living with a meat eater

It seems that I’m the opposite from most of the EtsyVeg group members on this I think. It’s my wife who eats meat. I do prepare most of the meals (except rice… I can’t cook rice for some reason…), and I do prepare meat for her at times. But she’s very accepting and enjoys veggie and vegan meals, so most of our meals can be split evenly without me adding any meat. She does eat seafood (and I try to educate her about more sustainable options when it comes to seafood) and poultry a few times a week, especially when we go out, but I get her to eat veggie the rest of the week. Here are some things she loves that we make:

– We make a stir fry with zuccini and pepper (soy sauce + herbs too) and pour it over white rice (which she has to cook or I burn it) – we started making this last year when we were up to our ears in zukes and now we make it about every other week
– Veggie sushi (avocado, cucumber, pepper… I like it with apples in it, but I like everything with apples…)
– Sloppy Joes – Manwich brand is veggie (not sure if it’s vegan) but other brands Watch Out! (sardines! Yikes!) – make it with Morning Star Farms Crumbles and no one knows the difference!
– Portabella sandwiches – we go to a cafe sometimes that serves a fantastic portabella and roasted pepper panini… yum!
– A homemade version of the tofu lettuce wraps – we found a recipe online, it’s a little tough for us to make (we definitely aren’t chefs) but well worth it, and their better with romaine…

I do grill out many times in the summer, and I always grill fake meat for myself and real meat for everyone else (just remember, real meat on the bottom, fake on the top). I also grill corn on the cob, and everyone fills up on that and usually only wants one burger, except me, but mine don’t hurt cows, so I think it’s alright to have two… or three… And I always slice an apple into full-circle slices and grill some of those slices to eat while I’m grilling or to put on my burgers… have I mentioned that I like everything with apples?