New Year Gets New Goals

Well here’s 2009.

My wife said last night that she likes to think of setting goals, not making resolutions for the upcoming year. I think that’s a healthy way to look at it. Too often, we make resolutions that we are pretty darn sure we can’t keep, like:

Resolved: I will eat no donuts this year.
Resolved: I will exercise every day.
Resolved: I will win the lottery.

It’s useless to make those kind of commitments. It’s like making a promise you can’t keep, and in the end, you’re cheating yourself.

But the New Year is a great opportunity for renewal and refocusing. Take the time to make some goals. If you’re bad at making goals, perhaps you need some help. I’ve downloaded an audiobook to help me: Brian Tacy’s Flight Plan. I don’t know if it’s any good yet. I’ll tell you after I listen.

Still, with my limited goal-setting abilities, here are some of my goals for 2009:

Goal: To join the local artisans’ guild.
Goal: To be a more attentive husband.
Goal: To stretch my limits with my craft.

Tell me some of your goals. Post ’em below.

ETA (1/6/09) – As far as Brian Tacy’s Flight Plan, it has some good information, but a lot of it is stuff I’ve heard before. Not terribly inspiring. I am going to use his advice for setting goals for my projects and planning at that level and looking forward to the future, but I’ve gotten so much more help from Getting Things Done by David Allen. I’d highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get their life in order, most especially business-people.