Gross Aristocracy

Katy made me watch the show “My Super Sweet 16” on MTV last night. God, such a display of upper class snobbery and wastefulness. This girl’s mother spent over $100,000 on her 16th birthday party! A hundred thousand dollars just wasted for one night. She could have donated that money, held a charity fund-raising party, or given a grant to an artist or scientist! It makes me want to become a communist, but not a communist as you usually think of them (especially the ineffective ones we have in America that just talk about how they wish it was possible). It makes me want to be Robin Hood and snatch that hundred thousand from that woman before she can waste it. So, if I ever turn to a life of crime, you’ll know that I’m pirating from the rich to give to the poor. God, it makes me sick.

On a not quite entirely separate note, have you seen that show “Laguna Beach”? They claim it’s a reality show, that they just follow the kids around. If it is, it’s masterfully done. Great camera shots, great production. If it’s fake, as I insist it must be, it is also masterfully done. The kids act more real than the people on the “Real World”. It could be fake. All they say at the beginning is: “The people are real; the places are real; and the drama is real.” Actors are real people, too. (Well, maybe not. Did you ever eat with one?) They just don’t change the names of the places they go. And it’s the sort of drama that could definitely happen in some rich kid’s life, so maybe it’s based on true stories. And there is crazy product placement in that show, which makes me think it’s fake. (They blurr out addresses and liscence plates, but not a big giant bag of Doritos that just happens to be completely turned towards the camera. Please!)

It was just too much modernity for one night.


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