Homebrew Recipe – Highland Rogue Red Ale

Highland Rogue would be a pretty straight-forward Irish Red Ale except for the heather tips and a pinch of sweet gale added with the steeping grains.



Originally, I was going to call it “Rob Roy”, but I decided I didn’t want to name it that, so I named it Highland Rogue, after the first book that depicted the adventures of Scottish hero Robert Roy MacGregor. The label features the Clan MacGregor tartan.

It definitely tastes to style, and, though it’s a bit dark for a Red Ale, I think it fits it rather well. I added a bit of Maltodextrin in the final part of the boil to give it that creamy mouth-feel I love so much.

Celebrating spring and Ostara (Ystre) with a home brew red ale #homebrew

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Here’s the link to the recipe (A reminder that it’s a 1 gallon recipe. I think Brewer’s Friend will do the math for you, but you have to tell it your brew volume.): http://www.brewersfriend.com/homebrew/recipe/view/217540/highland-rogue

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