Memoirs of the Crimson Dwarf

You guys already know that I’ve been working on a novel entitled Memoirs of the Crimson Dwarf. It’s the autobiography of a dwarf who lives in a land called Elysia, which is the world that PRO, Pittsburgh’s NERO chapter, takes place.

Here’s the first part in PDF format, including the preface and first chapter. This is how it will look, I think, when I publish it. Most of you have read this chapter in some form or other, but here it is for you again. I’ll post more of it later, so I wanted you guys to read this first chapter again to refresh you memory or to see the changes I’ve made. I think it’s about in its finished form now, this first chapter, anyway, but suggestions will be gratefully considered. I’ll post chapter 2, maybe 2 and 3, another day.


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