Off to Sea What I Can See

Well, we’re heading off to the beach tomorrow. Ahhh, Sandbridge… relaxation, kyaking, and fun in the sun. And that means NO BLOGGING… at least for a week. I’ll make some Ologs, though, and upload them when we get back, plus lots of pics. The next time most of you see me, I’ll be married! How about that? I won’t bore you guys with a bunch of mushy stuff, but I love Katy and I can’t wait!

Best Regards,

Shoot first, ask questions later.

Talk about headlines, including deaths in Iraq, Menezes’s killing in the UK, and Bolton’s appointment to the UN. Still trying to tweak everything and testing out what I can. Pretty poor quality. I might switch to mp3 or ogg vorbis, or I might just try a better quality aiff. This one is 12 megs, though…

Ahoy there

So this is the beginning of my new blog. I like blogger, and it gives me so many options. There is just one failing, the friends features of livejournal are not here, so I’ll have to keep my lj acct. for that. Anyway, I’m really using this as a vehicle for my “Olog” (short for AudiOlog or RadiOlog), which is sort of an audio blog. So, if you have iTunes, you can subscribe to my Olog as a podcast. Isn’t it great? I can invade every part of your life. Actually, it’s sort of an outlet for my need to do radio. Alternatively, if you don’t have iTunes or a great Podcast program, you are silly. But if you are silly, you can click the link each week and listen to my Olog that way.

So here’s yesterday’s (it’s really just a boring test of the whole system):

If you want to subscribe to my podcast, it’s available here:

Captain Moody