Solio Solar Charger

So I got my Solio solar charger from… Here’s my review.

The charger comes with a bunch of adaptors, so it’ll work with many of the popular cell phone brands. It comes with a mini-USB adaptor that works with my Motorola Slvr, but the best thing is that it comes with a female USB plug adaptor, which lets you use it to charge anything that can charge from a USB port, like an iPod. So there are my two small electronics, my phone and my iPod. That’s all I have that I would charge from it, and my iPod has gotten most of the use from it. Btw, it also has an attachment that works with my wife’s Samsung phone…

The sky was cloudy the first week that I had it, and it just wouldn’t charge in shade, so I tried out the charge by USB function. I figured, I have a computer running most of the day anyway, so I might as well use it to charge the Solio while I’m at it. It charges pretty quickly with USB. Maybe a bit over an hour. Then it charges my iPod in about the same time.

More recently, I’ve gotten the chance to try it out in the sun. Here’s the big problem: the device comes with a suction cup to attach it to a window, but the suction cup only holds it for about a half hour. So, I had to find a place that it could sit in the sun without needing to be stuck to a window, which is a little tough at my place, and impossible at work (since I don’t have windows, even, let alone sun). It takes much longer to charge up with solar power; all day to get most of the way full, but the sun is free and awesome.

So, overall, I like it. I listen to my iPod almost constantly, and rarely take the time to charge it at the computer (because I’m listening to it when I’m awake and my comp is off when I’m asleep), so I’ve carried a little battery-powered charger for a long time. This will replace that. It’s easy to use, and its rechargable nature is fantastic. It’s a little large, but I can leave it in the sun and not pay for the power it provides… so all in all four stars out of five.

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