The Seventh Gate of Hell

So, I’m going to be teaching 7th grade English this year. It really is quite a feat, getting into this job, and I owe so much to Lady Luck. All over the state, they are laying off teachers, but somehow I (the guy with no experience who just graduated in May) managed to slide into this position before somebody with more experience applied. Mike D. and I are they only ones from our grad. class to get hired in the school system, and we were the ones who student-taught with the green team at the middle school. Hrmm… coincidence? heh.

I’m going to be on the purple team this year, so I guess people will have to buy me purple ties and purple shirts.

Wish me luck. She’s held out for me so far, but her favor might be failing; I’ve hurt myself several times today, once by falling up the stairs (yes, “falling up”; don’t act like you’ve never fallen up stairs) and a few times by banging my leg or elbow against something.

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